WooCommerce Product Post Tutorial

WooCommerce Product Post Tutorial

Posting a simple product is just that “simple.” The most technically difficult part of the procedure is posting a quality image of the product and making sure it’s been sized correctly. (I recommend Photoshop for this, although Pixlr will do in a pinch.)

Anyway, on with the tutorial,

STEP 1: Log into your WordPress control go to   Dashboard>>Products>>Add Product and click it.

WooCommerce_0010_Layer 4

STEP 2: Enter The Name, Description and Product Category Information
If you’ve ever made a post in WordPress this should seem very familiar.

WooCommerce_0009_Layer 5

STEP 3: Enter the Product SKU & Price

I recommend you choose a simple SKU formula e.g. 1,2,3 etc. Just make sure every product has a unique one. They aren’t required  but will save you trouble down the road when you want to do more complex stuff like using CVS uploading to update prices etc.
Set the Price and Sale Price (if you wish.)

Now, you may notice a series of other tabs here from Inventory to Advanced. You can ignore these, for now… I will cover them in later tutorials, anyway.

WooCommerce_0008_Layer 6

Now for a mild digression the perceived level of quality of your products is largely dependent on the quality of your product photography. I can’t under emphasize the importance a quality photography. So take the time to shoot your products in a light box with a tripod and good quality light and learn to use Photoshop, it is your friend. Once you have basic mastery of Photoshop save your products in a consistent size appropriate to the page structure in this case I’ve sized the image to 1200×1200 take the images in RAW format and choose a good maximum web resolution.



STEP 4: Load the product image above via Featured Image>>Set Featured Image

WooCommerce_0007_Layer 7

STEP 5: Upload the Image

Select Upload Files>>Select Files and navigate to the folder with your previously processed image.

WooCommerce_0006_Layer 8

STEP 6:Load image from library

Choose your image give it some good alt tags e.g. Tee Shirt and click Set Featured Image.

WooCommerce_0005_Layer 9

STEP 7: Click on the Publish button in the upper right

Your product image should have loaded and look as follows, if you want to add additional images use the Product Gallery>>Add Product Gallery Images and the same procedure you used to post the featured image.

WooCommerce_0004_Layer 10

STEP 8: Your Done!
Check your work make sure the product looks good in both the Shop & Product Detail page.

WooCommerce_0000_Layer 14

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