Rose Parade

Rose Parade

Rose Parade 2014

Well folks, Happy New Year! Here some photos of the Parade from the balcony of my home/office on the corner of Colorado and Oak in Pasadena. It was lovely day, all and all a nice start to the next orbit around the sun. Hope you like, and feel free to share. Also please note the images are rather large so smaller screens may be a bit overwhelmed by the size of the images.


The Rose Parade Begins Panorama



Opening Float



This was HUGE…



Beautifully Detailed



They Have Trophy For Just About Everyone



Walls of People



Definitely an Animal Theme This Year



Overall Scale of the floats were pretty big…



Again Just Wonderful Detail



The True Heros Of The Parade


Note: All photography © 2014 Armand Gilbert If you would like to utilize any of these photos in a non-commercial manner all I ask is that you attribute them properly and provide a link back to If you have a commercial application give me a call at 760-632-8258.

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  1. Armand,
    Thanks for sharing those photos, I rather of been on the balcony with you when you’re taking them. I pray this year would be a blessing to you as we circle around the sun .
    Thanks again Ken, Amanda’s dad!

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