Real Innovate

Real Innovate Realty is an 100% commission real estate company, that offers a mobile office solution with complete document processing for established real estate agents in California seeking a turnkey 100% commission agency.

The object of this project was to create a custom design that could be easily integrated with salesforce and expanded to some of their many web properties over time. We created a unique WordPress theme to create a visually engaging environment that would be visually competitive with much larger companies in the market.

The site was optimized for SEO, and our analytics program enables us to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns down to the penny. This way we could ensure that the company’s limited marketing budget wasn’t wasted on campaigns that yielded little results. It also helped us to develop content that directed users toward their unique goals based on their expectations. This is a critical part of the site’s success. When you have a limited budget for marketing and you are competing with much larger companies it was vital to use the web analytics effectively.

If you would like to get a marketing consultation for your company, please don’t hesitate to call 888-266-5449 or contact via email.

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