MainStreet Encinitas

The Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association’s mission is to improve and preserve the Historic Downtown Encinitas region. Encinitas is a charming beach community located in North County San Diego that has somehow managed to stay a charming beach town while growing to be a vibrant and healthy community. And over the years their site has grown from a simple who we are and what we do. To a much larger scale publishing operation focused Local DEMA events, conservation and businesses in the area area.

The site has gone through a number of iterations and  is regularly updated by a core of dedicated staff writers and contributors. This means that the Content Management System(CMS) has to be simple enough for a first time user and robust enough to manage a site with dozens of categories of content and hundreds of pages. Since the community has been growing DEMA’s mandate has grown and so too has their website. WordPress has enabled me to update their entire sites look and feel without having to reload content, saving DEMA many thousands of dollars in costs.

WordPress is the definitive Content Managed System for web sites since version 2.7 if you are considering building a web site, I recommend you consider WordPress. It’s open source, easy to learn, and great for SEO . If you considering building a new web site and would like to get a free half hour consultation and web site design estimate, please don’t hesitate to call 888-266-5449 or contact via email.

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