Liberty Pell is a Non-Partisan political website that brings news and updates about the United States policies at home and abroad.

In late 2011 we converted the original LibertyPell web site blog from a simply database driven CMS to a much more dynamic system based on WordPress. At that time we opted to retain much of the site’s original look and feel while replacing all of the old system’s Flash banners, CSS2, and a table based structure that were necessitated by the limitations of browsers common to 2008 when it was originally built. We chose the WordPress CMS system and the client found it system easy to use. During the year we implemented numerous Social media integration improvements, analytics, and an subscriber email system. From the analytic data were able to determine that much of the old content was being lost due to the sequential nature of the site’s design. The client requested we improve the site so we build a new and improved system, with a more modern news page organizational structure. The new system was still build on WordPress so the client have very little difficulty in adapting to it and it better utilized the resources available in WordPress, specifically category and tag structures to organize his content in a much more accessible way for his readers. To further that accessibility we designed the site around a responsive grid based design that would adapt to the user’s screen size dynamically. A responsive design organizes itself to suit the size of the screen that the user has available. It is not dependent on identifying the site is accessed e.g. if it is a mobile cell phone or a wide screen display; the page simply re formats itself to suit the size of the user’s browsing window. You can see this for yourself just by clicking here to the site and resizing your browser.

If you have a site that you would like to convert to a modern, dynamic, responsive, content managed website that will enable your customers to use it easily, please don’t hesitate to call 888-266-5449 or contact via email.

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