Kim Dotcom’s MEGA

Kim Dotcom’s MEGA

Kim Dotcom’s has rolled out his new cloud based storage solution one year to the day that police stormed his New Zealand estate and it looks like a really good deal for those of you looking for 50 gigs of free high security cloud based back up storage.

Besides the sheer amount of free data storage what is singularly impressive about this is that with Mega, files are encrypted before they are uploaded, so that Mega staff do not and cannot know what users are uploading this is phenomenal, a privacy-oriented cloud drive that is easily available to both private and corporate users offering large amounts of data storage for FREE. It honestly doesn’t get much better than this.

In order to handle the enormous storage demands the service does have the ability to recognize non unique files. This is similar to the way that Amazon’s cloud based system works although how it is able to distinguish this with the encrypted files is not explained (I will do further research as the information becomes available.)

For those of you that don’t know the background story Kim was the victim of prosecutorial over-reach by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) which finagled the Obama administration through Frank Dodd and other K-Street hacks to launch a poorly orchestrated police action against Kim and his previous company MegaUpload. This caused many cyberlockers to close down, or limit sharing and a significant amount of legitimate client data was lost in the shuffle. Contrary to popular opinion cyberlockers are not universally used for the nefarious purpose of sharing copyrighted videos and music. Many Fortune 500 companies made use of MegaUpload and similar services. In fact some of these groups later sued the US Government to get their data back to no avail.

By it’s very nature, disruptive technology creates situation where those who profit from the status quo are likely to find difficulty adapting to the new economic reality. The heavy handed (and failed) prosecution of Kim Dotcom and the loss of so much valuable data is a classic example of how prosecutorial over reach, instigated at the behest of monied interests stifle innovation and the tragic upshot of this situation is that for the most part all it serves to accomplish is criminalize American citizens and push technology overseas to non-US territories. The loss is ultimately ours but, that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up today. Show your support, Kim’s persona might be a tad bit over the top but he, like many rabble-rousers before him is fighting for us while he makes himself very, very rich. And what’s really wrong with that?

Click here to sign up today. Just be warned, they signed up over a million new users in the very first day so server time can be a bit slow… 

For those of you interested in more storage options premium users can choose between 500 GB for $13.29, 2 TB for $26.59, and 4 TB for 39.90 per month. Again the site is currently overloaded with subscribers so you’ll have to be patient. And realize that given the sheer numbers of people signing up it is highly unlikely they will be able to offer stable service until it dies down a bit, so even if you do get signed up you’d probably be better off waiting a few weeks before you start trying it out. My guess is it’s going to be really really slow for the interim.

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