How to Edit WordPress

How to Edit WordPress

How to edit your WordPress site’s text, and add/remove things

WordPress makes this very easy for you to do. To do this, all you need to do is log into your site via wordpress, use the navigation on the side bar to go to “pages” and find the page you’re looking for.

Click on the page you would like to edit and it will open the backend of the page, here you can edit it.

At the top it should say edit page, with the title of the page you are editing in a box directly underneath it (you can change the title by clicking in this box and simply erasing it and adding a new one).

You will see a large box containing the pages information, you can either view this in “visual” mode, or “HTML” mode by clicking on the grey boxes at the top right of the box, for your purposes you’ll probably want to stay in visual mode.

From here, if you want to change the text you just delete whatever text you don’t like and add whatever text you want. If you want to remove anything, highlight and delete it just like you would with word, or on any other program. If you want to add something, simply type it in. To make a link on your page you use the “link” tool at the top of the wordpress toolbar. simply copy the url of the site or page you want to link to, then highlight the word or words you want to be the clickable link. Then click on the link tool as shown below.

A box will show up that looks like this

Put the URL to the link in the url box, you do not need to add a title, then click add link.

You can highlight any word or sentence and make it become a button that links to somewhere else this way.

If at any point you want to remove the link button, but leave in the word or words, simply highlight the word and click on the button directly to the right of the link button (the broken link), and it will no longer link through to the other page or site.

These same basic rules apply for editing posts as well, If you do not have HTML experience, make sure you stay out of the html section as you could damage the layout of your site. There are many other things you can do with WordPress but here are some of the most useful and basic things for editing your site.

Being able to edit your own site in such an easy fashion is one of the biggest benefits WordPress offers its users. It saves both your company’s time and money.

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