Everlast Solar

Everlast Solar is a static site developed for a solar company in 2008, that ran into funding problems shortly after it was finished. The customers were pleased with the results and we later developed a follow up site for their next company. Since the site was not used, and they are no longer in the solar business, rather than waste the design, we are planning to adapt it to an an open source WordPress Theme during the coming year.

Converting an older technology website to a new dynamic system is not a direct process. Some of the technology used on older sites are no longer appropriate for current state of technology. In this case the Flash banners, CSS2, and a table based structure necessitated by the limitations of browsers common to 2008 have to be rebuilt. The new version will use JQuery, CSS3, HTML5. The design will not require Flash for the animation so it will work in iPads, iPhones, and will allow users to add content, logo, and graphics for the various elements in the site.

If you have a static site that you would like to convert to a modern, dynamic, content managed system that will enable you to customize and update content through an easy to manage interface please don’t hesitate to call 888-266-5449 or contact me@armandgilbert.com via email.

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