EKLA Home was a very interesting project illustrating the importance of choosing the right Content Management System(CMS) for your company’s web presence. Their site was initially designed well but, it was implemented very badly in Joomla. Which in my professional opinion is an awful CMS. Joomla is a great way to ensure that your webmaster and IT personnel have continuous employment, but is an terrible choice if you expect your web site to be stable and updated by anyone who isn’t an autistic geek.

Since most of the original web content was missing we had to rebuild the page content while preserving the site’s look and feel. The new site is based on the original design and has been stable since the day we posted it, barring a minor update to secure the TimThumb plugin that creates image thumbnails has been trouble free.

If you would like to convert your current website to WordPress or would simply like to escape from the hell hole that is Joomla please feel free to call 888-266-5449 or email me@armandgilbert.com

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