Products In Magento

Products In Magento

This is a basic introduction to adding new products in the Magento Shopping Cart System, please note Magento is a serious shopping cart system and has a rather steep learning curve. That said it is ideal for managing large scale eCommerce web sites with many hundreds to thousands of products.

The first step to adding a new product is of course to login to your site.

Note just click on the images below to see the high res version.

Here is what you should see when you log in for the first time:

To add a product from the Magento admin area go to the  Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product (located at the top right of the page).

Next You need to select the product’s settings (Attribute Set and Product Type) and click Continue.

Fill out all the fields especially the required ones…

You can enter text in html or use the WYSIWYG editor:

Note the WYSIWYG editor has an extensive amount of options, that said loading images through it is not fun to say the least. (I will provide a separate tutorial for loading images later.)

Click Save and Continue Edit when you have loaded all the required fields:

Fill out the pricing fields and congratulations your product is now loaded. Click on Catalog > Manage Products and you should see something like this:

To add another product just repeat the process and your on your way.








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